Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who wants to go to Egypt?

Inspired by Heksen, Duivels En Andere Geesten. Verhalen Uit Seppes Kelder (witches, devils and other spirits. Stories from Seppe's basement. Dutch only), I decided to get a bit into the name of this blog and warn you all against going to Egypt. Here're 3 reasons:

1) The devil holds court in Egypt

While the devil is usually not bound to a location or to an extra-planar hell, in some old tales, the devil - and his cohorts - holds court, meetings or festivities under the desert in Egypt. They dine upon the flesh of humans and have "wine" while doing all kind of nasty stuff.

2) Mummies will curse you

It is common knowledge that any trespassers and graverobbers not only get arrested but also become afflicted with the mummy's curse. Bad luck, ill omen and even death awaits those who anger the guardians of the ancient tombs!

3) There are nameless things beneath the sands

As with other weird tales, Lovecraft often wrote about the mysteries surrounding the desert and ancient graves of the pharaoh's.
In 'Under the pyramids', the main character (Harry Houdini) is trapped in a temple under the sphinx and witnesses the hybrid mummies (half man, half animal) under the rule of a great necrotic queen, worshiping the beast whose great yellow paw is only briefly seen.
In several other works, Nyarlathotep is featured, who is often described as having features akin to a pharaoh as well as sporting the hotep suffix, which is Egyptian. In the eponymous story, he even  explicitly comes from Egypt.

Let it thus be known to all that Egypt is a dangerous place and one should take care of their soul and well-being when travelling these forsaken lands!

(Note that I don't really want to discourage people going to Egypt. It's a nice country and you shouldn't take any of this too seriously.)

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