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Review of Moria: Instances

In this final part of the Moria review, I'm going to take a look at the instances.
With a total of 9 instances excluding skirmishes, li instances and repeatable instances from the epic story, Moria offers about the most instances in the game. A lot of these instances are run, some more than others.
Note that 3 of the instances that happen in Moria are part of the Lothlorien quest pack, so those will not be included.


Rewards for each instance include barter items for the moria armour sets, relics and ixp runes. Some drop rare 2nd or 1st age li's, bright tokens of nimrodel, ...

Class quests

Each class has a class quest inside one of these dungeons. The reward for these quests are usually quite good and involve an extra boss battle. Make sure people know you want to do your class quest.

The Forgotten Treasury (lvl 54)

The first of the instances that will be available to you. This ancient vault was used to store treasure, but now it is the home of many vile orcs. Moria raised the bar for Turbine in terms of zone and quest design and the instances aren't no different. This instance features classic puzzles and collectible items to weaken a boss as well as a more classic tank and spank battle at the end. (Though it is pretty much a requirement to pull the 2 final bosses apart.)

The Grand Stair (lvl 56)

Grand Stair or GS for short takes place in a stairway, giving access to many levels of Moria (though I don't think you can actually use it as a shortcut). This is one of the easier instances in Moria featuring many bosses and thus many rewards. Bosses range from classic tank and spank to some that incorporate more unique features, like a troll that can be kept in check with drums (make sure to have a minny or someone else who can play them!)

Forges of Khazad-dûm (lvl 58)

In the Flaming Deeps you can find these ancient dwarf-forges. This instance features 2 different items to be gathered. Kegs to blow up obstructions and water pouches to cure fire wounds. The bosses sometimes call out the name of a specific player on who they're preparing a special attack. Makes sure you know what to do when this happens.

Fil Gashan (lvl 58)

This instance, located in the flaming deep involves the muster hall for the orc armies, a place where one should not alert the guards. Sentries patrol the way and if they spot you, they'll run to bells to summon reinforcements. Luckily, there are uniforms scattered about that allow you to dress up and fool the sentries. Most bosses here are tank and spank and summon adds. The last boss requires careful pulling to get him into traps or other positions to allow him to be damaged.

The Sixteenth Hall (lvl 58)

Once a hall where laborers lived and worked, it is now overrun by orcs and goblins, though a mysterious disease has spread and transformed them. Most bosses here are tank and spank. The last boss has a lot of weak gredbyg with him who can get annoying fast, especially if the mushrooms spawn, some of which buff them.

The Dark Delvings (lvl 58)

Another fungus-ridden instance. In the deepest depths of Moria, light rarely finds its way. This instance features darkness that grants a debuff on you and a buff on monsters and, luckily, runestones granting light, having the opposite effect. Boss fights are mostly kiting-based as you'll want them to go into the lights that turn on and off. Be careful when getting knocked off the platform as in the second fight, it takes a while to get up and in the 3rd fight, you're dead. Make sure to have a good tank.

Skûmfil (lvl 58)

The trash pit of moria, a lot of critters have started eating the garbage and some of them have gotten quite big! This instance features 2 separate ways, each with different bosses and each bestowing half of a key. Once the key is complete you can enter the pit down to fight the spider queen. This should take about 3 runs total. You'll also find groups of enemies fighting each other, so careful attacking can get you to fight only some weakened enemies. Bosses here are mostly spank and tank.

Filikul (raid) (lvl 58)

Also known as turtle soup, this is the easiest instance in moria and the easiest raid in the game. One turtle, 12 people and as much dps as possible while the tank keeps him in place. If you see one forming, don't be afraid to join because as long as you can go dps mode, you're fine. Is  Run a lot because of easy medallions and other rewards.

The Vile Maw (raid) (lvl 58)

It's time to beat up the watcher properly. This raid features many different stages which I will not explain. It's quite difficult so make sure to follow directions. The watcher is one of the hardest (if not the hardest) raids in the game.

Overall Instances:

Price/Value: 5/5 (A lot of instances and some among the most run in the game. )
Storyline: 4.5/5 (While it isn't always lore-appropriate, these instances feature interesting story concepts and backgrounds.)
Boss fights: 4/5 (Some boring bosses, but a lot of interesting or special/epic looking ones. 2 of the raids have complicated tactics. )
Atmosphere: 4/5 (Some of the more epic locations in the game. Extremely varied as well.)

Overall: 17.5/20

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