Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fornost changes: Review Update

In one of the recent updates, Fornost was changed from a single non-scaling instance to 4 'wings', which scale through levels 30-75. First you only have the water wing. As each wing is completed, you unlock the next one.

Wraith of Water (lvl 30-75)

In this first  instance, you'll fight some classic orcs, wargs and birds. Not much to say about the part before the first boss.
The fist boss can summon adds and heal them which isn't too annoying as long as you kill the adds before he summons more as too much of them can swarm you.
The second part features water that puts a silencing debuff on you and has you battle water-ghosts. Once you reach the Wraith of Water, you'll probably have gotten used to fighting on dry land.
The wraith itself is an archer who occasionally breaks down walls to open up a bigger battleground. The silencing water is here as well and forces you to jump from stepping stone to stepping stone.

Wraith of Earth (lvl 30-75)

The second instance is much like the first instance, but featuring orcs, trolls, goblins and pale-folk. The first boss will summon adds from the watching crowd until all are dead. Then it's a lot of trash killing, going into the tower, more trash and finally reaching the wraith.
The Wraith of Earth will fight you one-on-one but will occasionally awaken stone statues, summoning adds of a troll with pale-folk. Be warned as he can hit quite hard.

Wraith of Fire (lvl 30-75)

The 3rd instance is, even though the level is the same, a step up in difficulty from the first 2. Apart from the bosses, things pretty much stay the same. The first one is a ghost who will, from time to time, summon adds that give him an absorbing shield.
The second boss is one that fights you in an arena and calls down adds until about 40 are present, which can overwhelm you easily. (Or give you lag)
Then it's on into the tower, killing flame wights. Once you reach the top, the fight with the Wraith of Fire is pretty straightforward. Once in a while he'll create everlasting flames in an area of the battlefield which forces you to fight outside it.

Wraith of Shadow (lvl 30-75)

This final instance is less straight-lined as it features a lot of splits. There're 4 bosses in here (2 of them are skippable). Just make your way to the tower. Once inside there's 2 bosses you have to kill.
The first boss has 3 wargs which lose their invulnerability as you kill the one that hasn't. Once the boss is down you can proceed. The Wraith of Shadow has several torches that need to be lighted (while lighting a torch spawns adds) to be able to defeat him.

 The instances themselves are kinda fun though in the end not that special.
The old score of the North Downs was: 12/20
Adding these 4 instances which I enjoyed but which are sadly not run that much, I'm raising the score by .5, making for 12.5/20

For the North Downs review:

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