Monday, June 4, 2012

The world of Pandimus

The story of Pandimus can be quite daunting for new players and there's some details that are left unmentioned in the quest. I'll try to give a small description of each area, as a prelude to a full history. I also added the minimum rank required to enter the areas within: (lowest rank - highest minimum rank to access the areas) The links lead to the wiki page for the first area of that zone

Strong wood and the Drill Camp (min. rank: 0) link

This training camp, under the watchful eye of Brotus is the place where young recruits are steamed ready to help in the defense of Imperia. The strong forest features many possessed animals, though the exact cause is a mystery.

Imperia (min. rank: 1) link

Imperia was once a thriving city. The capital of a great human kingdom, it is now but a fragment of its former glory after the many wars. The soldier-queen, Rubra, is among the last of those defending it from the enemies. Many of its citizens are either adventurers or soldiers.

Ruïns of Ux'kal (min. rank: 1-14) link

The ruïns of Ux'kal is what's left of the great city of lizards. After the 300-year war between humans and lizards a long time ago, these ruïns became plagued by the spirits of fallen warriors, man and lizard alike, living in spite of the living. There seems to have been bad choices on either side. The old temple looms over the ruïns.

Morkha Woods (min. rank 18) link

The forest of Morkha is big and this is only the first zone. Its local wildlife is dangerous and not all who enter make it out alive again. You'll hear tales of another war fought in Imperia's blood-ridden past and hear about the red-skins, who are now rumored to be hiding somewhere.

Nigra (min. rank 22) link

The battle-field where queen Rubra is fighting the evil powers emanating from a cave. These lands are scarred by the everlasting war to defend Imperia. Victory is far away and even some allies might not be trusted.

Deep Morkha Woods (min. rank ?? - 45) link

As you go deeper into the woods, wildlife takes more exotic forms and surreal creatures start popping up. Discover an ancient race and fight the strongest bosses in the game so far, in a hidden area after following clues of a missing man.

The cave (min. rank 45) link

Into the cave in Nigra, you'll find ancient horrors have awakened. What dark ancient forces could have taken the Akari from their slumber?

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