Friday, June 15, 2012

Mysteries of Pandimus

1. Cheese (unresolved)

This rat smells cheese. But where is it? Do you have it or smell of it? Or is the rat just wrong?

On another note, the gorilla in the strong woods asks for a banana? Do we have one or not?

2. Tower (unresolved)

So why are the goblins building a tower at the great tree? A vantage point? Are they planning to attack Imperia?

3. Mutation (unresolved)

What mutated the animals in the strong woods and what are the effects of the mutation? It could be some strange radiation from Nigra.

4. Lio Fals (unresolved)

 Who is Lio Fals' father? Who's his mother? What was the big ship that sailed away and to where? To one of the other islands/continents? (There seems to be a ship at the southeast island on the world map.)

 Why did he have to stay at the lighthouse and not in Imperia? A lot of questions and nearly no hints towards answers.

5. Akari Queen (resolved)

Who is the Akari Queen? As seen in her history text, she is Nigra’s sister, cursed by her because she took her own and Nigra's children into the cave to hide from her. She is now destined to stay within the cave with the other Akari.

6. Other Island (Unresolved)

What’s on the southern island? It looks to be a desert of some sort. The south-eastern island seems to be mountainous with several great fires lined up and a ship dock.

7. Red Skins (resolved)

Who are the redskins and where are they? They’re supposed to have disappeared deep within Morkha Woods but we haven’t encountered them so far. Mark tells you the story of the great war that was waged some time ago. The redskins are called Erders and are trained to be great warriors.

(Also note, that there are redskins in some of the game's artwork.)
(Personal opinion: I think we might see these as a playable race some day.)

8. Elemental Master (unresolved)

Who is the master of the elementals and why do they block the path?
The only thing the elementals care to explain is that they were posted there as watchmen.

9. Hut inhabitant (resolved)

What’ s known of the guy living in the hut in Morkha? Apparently Ben knew him as he mentions him. His name was Helmut and he was a former Imperian soldier. He's living in the cabin to look for redskins (Erders) and warn queen Rubra in case they reappear.

He went mad and wrote messages in the trees but what caused him to go mad? The walking trees?

10. Night (resolved)

What would happen when it ever became night in Pandimus. The sun was stopped by the lizards to stop the spreading evil, so I guess evil would overwhelm the already weakened Imperia. The akari would come out of the cave and other dark forces might rise.

Does this mean the other side of the planet (if it's even round) is in eternal night? I’d assume there’d be mass extinction of animals and a scorching heat on the zenith point and frozen wastes on the opposite.

11. Lizard Spirits (unresolved)

We see many human spirits in the Ruins of Ux’kal, but only 1 lizard spirit. Where’d all their spirits go? The spirit of the lizard king can be found in the Ux’kal Graveyard area.

12. Ale (unresolved)

Tim is always drunk, but where does he get the money to buy it and give to you? Can we get some beer from him?

13. Gas (unresolved)

What’s with the green gas, coming out of the ground in Deep Nigra? There doesn’t seem to be an obvious source. (Unless the Akari are gassy.) Is it the source of evilness?

14. Golden Medal (unresolved)

So you get a golden medal for being first in the tournament, but what’s its use to you? You can sell it for quite a bit of money so why is it so valuable?

15.Throwing Food (unresolved)

Why does Daddy Ogre need to throw food over the canyon? Are the ogres moving away because of something? Why’d they try and cross the bridge in the first place?

16. Good, Bad or Ugly? (unresolved)

Are we in fact good, bad or ugly? Is our effect on this world a positive or negative one. Do we affect the world at all?

17. All these old people (unresolved)

According to the old man, Marc fought in the battle against the redskins almost 300 years ago. How come he and other people got so old? Did they screw up counting with the sun standing still? Is there something in the ale?

18. Master of the Beholder (unresolved)

Who is the master of the beholder and why did he send his minion to some loony’s shack?

19. Mysterious Watcher (unresolved)

Who is this mysterious spirit, watching at us from the top of the pyramid at Ux'kal Temple? He just stands there doing nothing.

20. Images that hint at stuff

As a last one, here are some images that we haven't seen in the game yet, but can be found on the pandimus website. Who are they and will we ever meet them?
A lizardman

a dwarf
Some guy wearing a balance with rocks. Is it night there?
According to the image name, this is a klug

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