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Wíli: A great mystery

If you go into Moria, you are sure to meet this dwarf. A lot of dwarfs seem similar, but this one usually catches people's attention. Who is he? Where did he come from? Where will he eat? An analysis on an extraordinary dorf.

Wíli in all his glory

Mystery 1: It takes 2
First thing to note: there're 2 Wíli's! That's right. Another dorf of the same name walks the halls of Moria. He is the stable master in Thorin's Gate and looks quite alike.

Wíli 2
He seems a bit skinnier, but the most important thing to note is that he has the same style of beard! Do they go to the same beard-dresser? Is it fashionable to wear your beard like that? Indeed the mystery deepens.
He also features in the dwarf prologue.
Here's Wíli 2's dialogue for the Prologue: Wisdom of the Trushes:

Wíli: 'Well met, <name>. If ever you need to travel at speed you should come to visit me or whomever the closest stable master happens to be.'So Dwalin sent you to me to purchase passage to Noglond did he? Well it's a good thing he did considering how far away Noglond is.'Simply speak with me about renting a horse and you'll be able to purchase safe passage at speed on one of my finest mounts.'When you get there be sure to look for Rothgar, I expect he'll have some taks for you.'

Apparently, he heard about Rothgar having some dirty chores and considers you for doing them!

Mystery 2: Spelling problems

Anyway back to Wíli. Another weird thing is the name. What's up with the apostrophe?

According to wikipedia:

Í, í (i-acute) is a letter in the Faroese, Hungarian, Icelandic, Czech, Slovak, and Tatar languages, where it often indicates a long /i/ vowel. This letter also appears in Catalan, Irish, Occitan, Portuguese, Spanish, Galician, Leonese, Navajo, and Vietnamese language as a variant of the letter “i”.

Wait, so what nationality is he again?

Mystery 3: Voices
We come to another great mystery with his voice. What's with his accent? As one GLFF'er was so kind to note (slightly edited):
"It seems like a kid won a contest or something."
The best way to check on this is by entering the Defence of the 21st skirmish. Just listen to how he says "Baruk kazad"! Some people cringe every time they hear him speak.

So who's Wíli?

Excerpt from Lotro-Wiki:
Wíli is a dwarf working in Moria. Together with Stilling he aids Bori with his plan to drive out the White Hand from Moria. He also leads the Battle of the Twenty-first Hall.

Wíli appears in quests in Vol II.

Wíli: 'I will follow my lord Bósi's son into battle, and gladly! The White Hand's time in Moria will soon be at an end!'

Wíli is one of the few dwarfs who agree to take part in Bori's plan. He seems to be quite eager to go into battle. Maybe a bit too eager. What is the reason of this zealotry?

2.5.5: 'The Twenty-first Hall must not fall to Mazog!'

'We owe you more gratitude that can be expressed in words or salutations. The Twenty-first Hall still stands, and my folk remain upright to cleanse the filth that infested these slumbering halls!'What a day this has been! From retreat and dishonour springs glory and triumph! Let Mazog cower before the Dwarves of Khazad Dûm!'

Nothing out of the ordinary here, it seems. Wíli features in command here though. Being part of the raid on Ashpar seems to have been fruitful for him.

2.Epilogue: Zigilburk Returned:

Wíli features minorly in this instance, where he and Stilling reminiscence about their successful assault back in 2.3.6.

Of note is: "We performed enough great feats that day to keep a dozen bards busy for a fortnight, didn't we, Wíli?"

Apparently they fought quite the bit. Wíli must be a great warrior.


There's still a lot not known to us about Wíli, but despite his funny voice, he must be a great warrior who deserves our respect.

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