Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quest Pack Reviews: The Shire

This second pack is, just like the previous and probably the 2 next ones as well, not really a pack you can buy in the store, but rather a region you get for free.

Ah, the Shire. A peaceful country where chubby hobbits fish and bake pies. (And you can too!)

Sometimes you'll find npc's talking. Make sure to  listen to them!
Quests range from mail- and pie-delivery to solving mysteries and solving disputes between hobbits. Those that love some good brawling need not despair though. There are still plenty of wolves, goblins and brigands around. Quest progression seems spread out and not as linear, though most people will do the same pattern at the start.

The rolling hills of the Shire are really awesome. Lots of little details finish it off. One can run around all day discovering the little stories the devs made, ranging from people complaining to others having an adventure. (Preposterous!) Discovering a stone troll in the swamps, hunting ghosts and even dealing with a tenth Nazgûl!
Rolling hills.

Price/Value: 5/5 (Yup, free)
Storyline: 4/5 (There're some really funny story-lines around here)
Quest Progression: 3/5 (The quests send you all around so you go to a lot of places fast)
Atmosphere: 4/5 (The shire looks quaint, picturesque. If you're lucky you'll spot a rainbow!)

Overall: 16/20
Because it's free, there's obviously no choice in getting it. It's nice that this free content is (again) decent though.

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