Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quest Pack Review: The Trollshaws

There's multiple quest packs in the level 30-50 range and you'll want at least 3 of them to make it. Trollshaws is one of them. It's name isn't for show though, because there's trolls out there!

East of the Lonelands, over the last bridge, you'll come to the Trollshaws. This rocky forested region is home to what its name implies: Trolls. Luckily for you, they turn to stone in daylight, so consider questing at day when you first enter (or when you make a run for Rivendell).

The biggest flaw of the Trollshaws is its level range, as the quests start at 33 (which is just after the Lonelands range), heads up to about lvl 36 and then makes a jump for lvl 40-45.

No chance at waterhorses here.

This means you'll need to bridge that gap somehow. Most of the storylines aren't all that interesting though there're highlights in the White Hart questline (where you'll meet a familiar face), Bilbo's riddlequests in Rivendell and one quest where the story of the Hobbit is involved. One questline in Rivendell is part of the Evendim Questpack and others are part of the Misty Mountains Questpack.

Getting here is what it's about

Atmosphere is the true strength of the Trollshaws. Sights are amazing at times, the Last Homely Home is one of the highlights on the journey east and one could stroll for hours among the ridges of the shaws.
The soundtrack (outside of Rivendell) is one of my favorites and really captures the beauty of nature well.

Price/Value: 2,5/5 (I wouldn't recommend getting the Trollshaws. There are better packs out there that run more smoothly.)
Storyline: 3.5/5 (The low level quests aren't interesting imo. In the higher range, there's some gems.)
Quest Progression: 2/5 (The quest range has a glaring gap in it.)
Atmosphere: 4.5/5 (I really like the music here and the landscape looks dreamy. Rivendell is a nice place to hang out as well.)

Overall: 12,5/20
Unless you're filling out gaps, I wouldn't recommend getting this pack. The level range is annoying to quest through and the quests aren't all that unique in the end. The atmosphere is free anyway.

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