Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quest Pack Review: Misty Mountains

We're getting closer and closer to Moria and we get to see mountains this time. Mountains, Gandalf!

Beyond Rivendell, you'll enter this mountainous area. Goblins have swarmed the place and have made their camps throughout. Giants have their own playground here and in an ancient dwarven ruin, you'll encounter an undead [I won't tell you]. Oh and guess what! The Dourhands are back.

As you enter, immediately make a turn left and towards Balin's camp. These first quests are 40-43 and are mostly slaying and collecting quests.There're about 3 fellowship quests here that take you into the giant zone. Giants are strong and like to throw you to other giants, so make sure to bring a fellow.

Quests here flow from 40 to 50, but has few actual quests at some levels (example: 44). Other times, you'll be stuck with only fellowship quests. This means it's hard to level depending on this zone, so you should see it more as bonus content you could run.

The story lines involve the general killing and collecting quests, though there's quite a few quests that are slightly different.
Placing warning signs and searching for a treasure to relief a dwarf guardian's duty is nice to do.
As you progress, quests will take you to Goblin-Town.


Goblin Town is a public instance like there are in other quest packs, but this one deserves special mention because of all the lore. Collect Bilbo's Buttons, help the captives in the slave-pens and find special locations such as the Goblin-King's Throne Room and  Gollum's Cave! Quests here are usually fellowship quests so bring a friend along. The area is packed with mobs and some of them are running around, so get used to fighting 3-4 mobs at once. There's also an instance here:

Goblin Town: Throne Room

First thing you should do before starting this one is get the quests for it. No auto-granted quests here yet. This instance's goal is mostly: kill stuff and complete the quests. Nothing else to it except killing the bosses for some loot. Boss tactics are mostly tank and spank, so don't expect any special stuff.
One thing to note is the scene that ensues if you leave the emissary alive for a while. Watch it.


This and Goblin-Town are the main reasons you'd get this Quest Pack. Helegrod is a 24-man instance cluster, featuring a certain undead foe from the Epic Story and a certain well-known entity of ancient times (not really though). It consists of 3 wing instances that, once completed, grant access to a final wing.
This is one of the better instances in the game, so it's sad that, due to the difficulty to get 24 people together, it's rarely run these days. The boss fights are epic and the story is decent enough. Maybe if it'd be scalable, runs would start again.

Price/Value: 2.5/5 (MM is a bit more expensive than other qp's while only really offering 2 incentives.)
Storyline: 3.5/5 (The low level quests aren't interesting imo. In the higher range, there's some gems.)
Quest Progression: 3/5 (There's some tiny points in the range where you'd need to fill a gap.)
Atmosphere: 4/5 (The mountains themselves are sometimes not that interesting (depends on the weather).
The Goblin-Town and Helegrod areas however are nice.)

Overall: 13,5/20
Unless you're filling out gaps, I wouldn't recommend getting this pack. The level range is annoying to quest through and the quests aren't all that unique in the end. The atmosphere is free anyway.
Get it after making a path to level cap.

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