Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quest Pack Review: Eregion

The door to Moria is near. Don't go in yet, because it's time for the last bits of light before the darkness.

Most people will come to Eregion at level 45 to get their Legendary Items. This means you can already access Moria. Hold on though, because first we can quest in Eregion. This zone officially starts at 45, but you'll want to wait until about level 47-48 before actually questing here.

Quests here flow from quest hub to quest hub, so no complaining here. There're quite a lot of quests and doing them should get you a few levels above 50. Most quests here involve thwarting the orcs and their brood-lizards and driving them from the elven ruins.

The spies of the enemy are many and a lot of animals serve the dark lord. While there's always the more boring stories around, you do get to see some things that happened after the fellowship passed. The Caradhras is still angry and filled with snow and Bill the Pony is out there.

Scenery here is peaceful yet with a strong nature and the melancholy of the elves is everywhere. Their ruins dot the landscape and their dried-up canal splits the land in the south. For some people this is the last light they see before they go into Moria (though I wouldn't recommend it yet). Enjoy it while it lasts.

There's 2 instances here and both are still being run. (I've even had luck using instance finder) Both are 3-man instances.

Library at Tham Mirdain

School at Tham Mirdain
I'm putting both of these together as they're quite short and quite similar. You'll head into the ruins of the building, kill the mobs, find some artifacts and kill the bosses.

School is an open atrium where you go in, kill the mobs along the walk ways, kill the mobs in the centre, then head up the stairs and kill more mobs and a boss.  Bosses are tank-and-spank mostly.

Lib is again 2 floors featuring trash on the 1st and mini-bosses on the 2nd. The bosses are mostly tank-and-spank.

Price/Value: 3.5/5 (This pack is highly optional, though it gets you an easy headstart for questing in Moria. The 2 instances are still run.)
Storyline: 3/5 (Quite average on story. Some stuff relating to the books.)
Quest Progression: 4.5/5 (Can't complain about this. You won't have trouble finding quests here.)
Atmosphere: 3.5/5 (As with all regions, there's some boring zones and some interesting ones.)

Overall: 14.5/20
The price is a tiny bit higher, but with decent content that gets you well into Moria and 2 instances that are still being run and drop decent levelled loot, this pack isn't a must-buy, but it's nice to have.

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