Friday, May 4, 2012

Pandimus: Blog Contest

I've started a contest on the Pandimus forums. 

Just been a while since the last post and wondering what's up?


A short time ago, I've started a blog:
I'm posting about general stuff like dungeon design and other stuff that interests me, including Pandimus.

I'm planning on doing a 'mysteries of Pandimus' blog post and other posts on my blog (might feature players and stuff) to spread the word a bit more.

If any of you got ideas for 'mysteries of Pandimus' and other subjects I could talk about (or if you wanna get featured or something) feel free to tell!

Because people are generally reluctant to post here, I'm offering prizes to the best ideas: (if anyone wants to donate prizes they're welcome)

(Note: Prizes have increased and places 3-5 get rewards as well)

1st: Naga Warrior - Dodge 25, Parry 25, Defense 25
+ 150000 gold (150k)

2nd: White Panther - 20 attack rating, 40 Holy Discipline, 20 power
+ 100000 gold (100k)

3nd: Dinosaur - Attack Rating 20, Armor 50, Provocation 40
+ 50000 gold (50k)

4th: Inferno Staff - Damage 140.4-171.6, Defiance 44.5, Attack Rating 22.3, Fire Dominance 22.3
+ 20000 gold (20k)

5th: Imperial Dagger - Damage 93.6-114.4, Combat Tactics 11.1, Anatomy 11.1, Close Combat 22.3, Fury Control 11.1, Tier 5
+ 10000 gold (10k)

END: 1st of June (unless there are not enough entries, then it'll be prolonged.


Here are some of my own ideas for the mysteries of Pandimus to give a general direction. Note that it's about the mystery itself and not about the answers to it.

-What cheese does the rat in Morkha smell? Is there cheese somewhere? Is it your feet?
-Why are the goblins building a tower? Do they plan on living there? (morkha tree)
-What force mutated the gorilla and do I have in fact a banana? (Strong Woods)

Replies to the post or to the blog count. You can post as much ideas as you want, there are no restrictions.

UPDATE: Prizes have increased dramatically. 1 entry so far.

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