Monday, May 21, 2012

Interlude: 10 things to do Before entering the Gates of Moria

I decided to write this little article as I've come to a natural point in my reviews for it.
After finally reaching the level for Moria, you'll want to make sure you prepared well, so you don't run into nasty surprises once inside.

1) At level 45, get your legendary items
Finish the first book of the 2nd volume at level 45. This will get you a legendary weapon and a legendary class item. Both will probably be ridiculously more powerful than your current equipment, especially once leveled.

2) Grind out rep in Sarnur.
Time to return to Ered Luin to grind out Thorin's Hall rep for the goat. I don't care that you get one from the quests in Moria. You'll want a goat that can stand a few hits. (Especially if you're like me and like to rush out towards stable routes for efficient travel.

3) Get to level 50
That's right, get to the minimum level of Moria beforehand. You'll thank me.

4) Finish the first volume
Finishing up the first volume should get you at least more than another level. Aside from that, there's good loot and a nice painting for your house.

5) Quest a bit more. I try to get to 53. Some people go higher, some lower. 53 is a nice level for moria, keeping the quests slightly below your level at the start.

6) Grind those deeds. If you're still running around with rank 2 virtues, stop. Get them to about min. r4, maybe higher. Zeal can be lower, because it's hard to get.

7) Craft: Well, only if you're into that. But while you're travelling all over, you might as well gather resources and craft a bit.

8) Clean your inventory and bank. Get rid of anything not worth stuff. This can be difficult, but with all the li's and other items you're gonna find, you can use the space. Also, the bank is in the 21st hall which you might not reach fast. (Though you can reach it without any mobs to speak of.)

9) Do anything else you feel like doing.

10) Get your bearings. Some people don't like it, some do. With good preparation, you're less likely to hate it. It's not that bad as some people make out. I thought it was awesome and wouldn't hesitate to play another character through it.

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