Sunday, April 29, 2012

Skirmishes: Archer Soldier

Last Lotro update as  of writing: 6.1

As most people skirmishing, I've chosen a Skirmish Soldier that fills in the empty parts of my class and complements it. For a captain this is dps.

An Archer Soldier. One mean machine.
There are multiple options you can take for this, but I've chosen the Archer. The Hunter's equivalent to a skirm soldier is a single-target dps unit.

This Soldier works, because while I grab the attention of most mobs, my Soldier and Herald (who is an archer as well) can pick them off one by one.

The main role being dps, we'll try to let the archer excel at it by boosting her dps, but not forgetting her morale (a dead unit is 0 dps).

The key traits I took on my own archer are as follows. If there are blanks, this means you can pick whatever you like.

Note that this isn't the only way to build your archer, it's a way. I mean this to be guidelines and not fixed rules.

Attribute: Archer (duh). Dress her out as whatever you like. These are just fluff.


  -Pinpoint shot: An attack with increased chance to crit and bonus damage on crit.

  -Deadly shot: Pure bonus damage attack.

  -Marking arrow: Bonus damage and a debuff on the enemy. The target will take increased range damage 
                            for a while.

  -Ultimate: Bold arrow: A self-buff that increases critical damage and rating for an amount of time.


  -Boundless morale: Increases the max morale of your archer, decreasing the odds to die. Makes it possible    
                                for her to tank a few enemies for a while if you're busy or more easily survive an aoe 

  -Battle-field finesse: Increases finesse. This decreases the enemy's resistance rating (against debuffs) and 
                                 his block/parry/evade chance.

  -Physical Potency: Increases the physical mastery rating which strangely enough includes ranged damage.

Personal: Really depends on your character and what you need at a specific point. You know this better 
                 than I do.

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