Monday, April 30, 2012

Lotro: Homesteads

When picking your house, there's always a few things to keep in mind and one of them is the Homestead.
There are 4 different homesteads in lotro.

1. Thorin's Hall Homesteads

The dwarven homesteads have a few things going for them. Those that like dwarven halls or fancy giant glowing crystals will feel right at home. There are 2 other points as well:
 * Proximity to stable: giving swift-travel to the other starter hubs
 * Proximity to Superior Forges: Very nice to have as a crafter

2. Falathlorn Homesteads

The elven homesteads sure look nice. Too bad they're not close to swift-travel stables or other convenient places. Then again, looks are everything, right? In the end, the distance ain't that bad.

3. Shire Homesteads

While some people don't like hobbits and others like them too much. The hobbit houses do have the benefit of being close to Superior Farmland, not too far from swift travel and on a convenient axis north to Evendim.

4. Bree-land Homesteads

The race of man sadly gets one of the lesser locations of their homestead. Too far from Bree to be useful. The port may be kinda useful before you get port to Bree and port to Ost Guruth, but quickly becomes redundant. Oh well, style I guess.

Choosing one:
If you gotta choose one, considering my above commentaries and, choosing functionality above looks/rp, I'd say consider this:

Try to get your kinship to pick one of these and pick the other yourself:
* Shire Homsteads 
* Thorin's Hall Homesteads.
Getting ports to these 2 ensures easy access to Superior forge and farmland, horseroutes and a nice short way to Evendim.


  1. Hello! I just stumbled on this page from a link. Overall, I agree with your assessments. The looks are probably the most important thing for me, but a couple other points about convenience:

    * Shire homesteads are also close to a Superior Oven, and a Superior Study once you have acquaintance standing with the Mathom Society.
    * Thorin's Hall homesteads have a nearby Superior Workbench too once you reach acquaintance with Thorin's Hall
    * The Shire homesteads are right next to the Shire racetrack, so it's convenient for people who enjoy festivals. It's also nice for non-hobbits to have a port to the Shire.

    I'd agree that those two are the most useful location-wise.

    1. Good points!
      I forgot to mention those, even though I use all these crafting stations a lot.