Monday, April 2, 2012

Introduction to Pandimus

Pandimus is a browser-based multi-player rpg I moderate for. If you see me (Pherione) ingame, say hi!
The game takes place in a mythical world where the city of Imperia is fighting a losing war against assaults from all directions.

It's currently in open beta and the developers are currently working hard on what is going to be a total rework. Making the game more bug-free and generally better than ever before.
Important note: Don't worry about losing stuff as everyone will keep what they have.

There are currently 3 languages available: english, spanish and catalan. While the spanish community is currently the biggest, we are looking to make the english one grow.

Three of the things that make this game stand out from the others are:
-Its character building. Offering a lot of tweaking possibilities and choices.
-Its art. Completely hand-drawn environments make for interesting details.
-Good control during battles. Using the attack panel, you can generate a skill rotation and then add exceptions on the rotation. (Stuff like 'On low health', 'Blocking', 'Party member dies', ...)





youtube channel of the lead mod:

link to my character card:

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